Hairy Potter and the Hefty Swallow


That is not a movie and no I’m not telling you how to make it (though if you do, please be wary for the female actors that there is in fact a point at which swallowing becomes choking. Just some quick advice).

Anyhow, this week, outside of the regular sampling and scratch work I normally do, I am, as the title suggests, making a beat themed for the new Harry Potter movie that premieres in the U.S. this friday for one Maxwell Castillo (don’t know him, you should. and on twitter @masstillo on twitter). The man with rather yellow swag demonstrated in the cypher part 1 video and of course in part 2, has asked for a sample of hedwig’s theme so I’ve taken up the challenge.

Thing is, if your not a producer, but like me you’re tired of the same recycled beats turning orchestral music into cliche battle rapground (a term I use for shitty instrumental music that simply provides a background to a probly shittier rap), then you need to realize how hard it is to make a decent beat with these kinds of samples. And by orchestral I don’t mean old motown or other songs where musicians played in the studio. I mean movie music. To break it down even further, what I mean is a lot of people simply lay a beat over the sample, and that simply doesn’t work for most composed pieces used in movies like Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, etc. (well at least if you want it to be unique lol). It either overpowers the sample or doesn’t fit. So this is what I’m working with. And at this point I gotta say it’s going surprisingly well, but if you’re ever doing beats like this here’s the most consisent advice I can give (and for any sample). 1st BREATH. 2nd LISTEN to the sample, don’t go against the rhythm of the song. 3rd don’t put the same fucking drum loop over and over because most of these pieces change several times (from tempo, to key, to even time signature). And that’s it

Other than that, all I got to say is be on the look out for that beat then, and enjoy the show. I’m out


Oh yes you do


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