About NTK

Cameron Luck AKA 50-50


Jack of All Trades

Eli Beeker

Eli Beeker

Entertainer, loves Doctor Who,  & everything else makes him emo.

Gerald Best AKA G Dub

G Dub

Video Mash Up Expert and Screw & Chop DJ

Cameron Williams AKA The Concept

The Concept

Emcee, the ideal Rhyming Ape

Earl Cornelius Jr. AKA E-Sol


Singer and all around noise maker

Max Castillo

Emcee, with a mean kick-flip

Kaylen Brown AKA Flamin’ Hot Cheato

Flamin' Hot Cheato

Non-Stop laugh factory but not a comedian

Colin Dublin AKA Dubby C 

Dubby C

DC Universe addict with a mean flow

Kirk Neville AKA Kc Nevijay

Kc Nevijay

Producer, Maestro, and bilingual Emcee

Khalen Morehead

Entertainer & Idea engine


Emcee with #SWAG! #SpaceshipzUp

Nate Damen

NTKs’ wild boy


2 responses to “About NTK

  1. Danny November 15, 2011 at 3:40 am

    hey guys,

    a friend of mine who attends GTech linked me to the cyphers on youtube. I’ve watched all the videos since then and just found the mixtapes in the music section. You guys are really talented. Keep it up! and hope you guys make a real album someday

  2. Hector January 22, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    Those South Park charcters are cracking me up! They’re soo accurate!

    I especially like Kirk’s and Dubby C’s

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