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The Concept has dropped a new video for the masses. Battling his alter ego, Loud Mouth, in a game of “horse” The Concept must prove his worth, will he be successful …


Wanted Posters of #NTK

G Dub


The Concept


Flamin' Hot Cheato

Kc Nevijay

Wait WHAT!?!

I guess when your job might be on the line you find yourself “testing the waters” so to speak. This is proven again by the Manning brothers, Peyton & Eli, who in lour of being locked out of the NFL are trying their hand at acting. Not quite sure what to make of it yet but NTK’s own 50-50 has gone all in and says “I’m watching it, Penis #HOMO” . We will see.

But now that the NFL Lockout is coming to a close what do you think will come of this?

PS: #Funny Why is Flamin’ Hot Cheato’s Xbox Live Profile name Fuzzylishious ?

Fruit Roll Ups #FRU #BGMG

Oh NO guess what just got dropped on Lady Liberty’s face???!?!?! THE WORK that’s what just got dropped on her face. The Work you ask? The new Fruit Roll Ups video from yo friends at #BGMG  we invite you to come on and wish this nation of ours a  happy birthday, feliz cumpleanos for those lacing in the spanish dept., by watching the Fruit Roll Ups Video here:

And as always remember THANK YOU BUFF GOD

#BGMG presents #TeamJacob

The illustrious members of the BUFF GOD MUSIC GROUP TEAM have brought you our first classic. The #TeamJacob musical piece was inspired in its entirety by the Marc Jacob song by Riff Raff . Riff Raff , a raising musician from Houston TX recently signed to the SODMG musical label, has not made in comments at this time. The art filled master piece is was is a remake of his original song but made to parody of the popular book now film series Twilight. The members of #BGMG shown in the song are Flavor Wave, wearing black in the 1st verse, and Harry Snowglobes AKA Snowglobes Harry, who remade the illstrumental for this song is shown wearing the gray in the 2nd verse. Guest appearances in the video include Flamin’ Hot Cheato, Manzana Bob, and the one and only BUFF GOD. None the #BGMG members or Riff Raff have been able to comment as to who they believe is actually more deserving of Bella, Edward or JACOB.

#BGMG take off

“The take over” – Flavor Wave
“Donde esta mi perro fuego” – Manzana Bob
“Berries!” – Blasting Berry