Max Castillo's Elevation

You have been waiting and we are supplying. Max Castillo Elevation Mixtape just in time for The Holidays. NTK’s Max Castillo has been cooking up this project for a while but that hard work has resulted in 17 tracks of pure max #swag.


Dubs & Jays EP [Artwork]

Negligee N Double C's

The highly anticipated EP from KcNevijay and Dubby C said to be out early next year has got cover art. Pam Grier, of all your favorite blaxploitation films, graces the cover … This looks to be a good one. Ode to be that chaise lounge chair.

Thurnis Haley Spoof

So in true Not Those Kids fashion we caught rare footage of none other then Thurnis Haley, THE Golf Wang, busting some moves to Young Dro’s “Polo Down”. Truth be told Thurnis might need to quit Golf and go out for So You Think You Can Dance.

You African Bad

New mash-up from our local mash-up guru. This time he used the popular African club banger “You Bad” from Wande Coal featuring D’Banj for music. But the video on the other hand is of the beautiful Nicki Sweets which she and Elite Media made for the Travis Porter song “Slow Motion”.

If youtube doesn’t work try daily motion

Wanted Posters of #NTK

G Dub


The Concept


Flamin' Hot Cheato

Kc Nevijay

Ode to Summer

Our ode to summer from your own Dubby C. Hope you enjoy the last few days of summer.

Black Magic, it’s not just for Satanic Tribes Anymore


Kc  here. Just to keep yall up to speed, what the title is referring to is I just premiered a track featuring production from yours truly and Señor Kaos (www.thekaoseffect.com/ @senorkaos on twitter) a known rapper within the circles of Atlanta, Georgia and abroad. Anyways everything came out peachy key. I did some artwork for it which was fun to. Hmmm, speaking of fun though that is a great point. I do make beats and sometimes it does feel like work/a job, especially if I have to make someone else something and step into other genres/styles I don’t usually do. But if you’re not having fun what’s the point. Enjoyment is the key to longevity in any hobby/passion/career. Unless you enjoy the pain, suffering and sadomasochism that comes with not finding the fun in your work there’s really no point. *tangent closed*

Anyhow, check it out. and check out kaos’s other work as well. We get work done around here! Stay on the look out!

#HOMO Support

From time to time you might here one of our memebers say #homo when they say something that is gay. If you watch this video Timothydelaghetto addresses slash supports our sentiments on the subject matter. Particularly at the 1:40 mark he directly uses #homo. ENJOY and learn you something.

Night at the Lab caught on tape

I night of us sittin in the lab concocting new L3TO tracks letting these people know about the drug bust at the North Ave Apts.

While you’re at it, check out l#TO’s new mixtape, “City of Heartbreak” at this link.

And check out the new NotThoseKidsTV youtube channel get to know the crew from a “behind the camera” prospective. The behind the scenes (BTS) of  the recent hit “Fruit Roll Ups” (FRU) has also been upload to the new channel, so check it out.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/user/NotThoseKidsTV

Same Ol’ Sh*t – 50-50

Real quick teaser from our own 50-50. Its a new tidbit that he rolled out bed and said “DOIN’ IT LIVE” and shot it in a weekend. ENJOY!