Apple Sauce – Manzana Bob


Ok, Now booked the next five minutes

lay tracks so you hear it

manzana b i ain’t scary

pullin teeth like a fairy

Tacklin Beats call me Terry

Harder then Ben & Jerry

Sumthin bout that Obama

Charlie Sheen’s my sponser

Now, I’m doin shows in my shower

YEP, rite in front of my towel …

C that V-neck, its Pollo

Grilled Up, Habanero

Donde esta me perro fueggo

at breakfast I eat dem eggos

Buff God b the label

and Johnny Quest is a fable

Count up all these filas

bet cha I get ta zera

drop tops on my syrups

lickin bowls when i’m finushed

remix be bout snacks

oh wait ain’t chu rememba

Nick needs a new memba

I’m Hip Hops Cuzin Skeeter, and it’s



Same ol’ sh*t, just a different day

Out here tryna get it, each and every way

Momma need a snack, baby needs some food

Apples Gettin soft, guess what we gone do


Closed mouths don’t get feed in Manzana House

Call In The Strikes –  Manzana Bob

Strikes On, No picket line

Blow ’em up now there’s no picket sign

Like 6th sense, we all dead

suicide strike, I said my prayers (ggurrrlll)

U need allah and some apple juice

Good cuz I got both, that sucks for you

I told ya’ll i on’t neva mess wit Honeydew

unless its N my T, and den, honey’ll dew

This little lite of mine, I’m a let  it blind

Can’t see inside ja mine that’ll take sum time

that’s a stun strike, oh wait?!?!, u aint know!

Got yo gurl at the spot , eatin vegitabos

[Call In The Strikes]

When the strikes on, i’ll leave the mic on

lights out then, I brainstorm

Strike Bikes, and not dikes

Lookin for oil and not fights

Cliff diving at all times

looks like suicide but i’m fine (oops)

missed a spike, and

yo girl is goin on a panty strike


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